Angelina :]

So now that im senior i have to think about where i want to go. But its so hard i know i dont have the grades for a good college and i dont want to waste my time in school for something that i DONT want. Then finding a college for a nursing program is pretty hard and i have no idea what school is BEST for me. And my parents are not making this ANY better so i need some advice from someone who knows what they are talking about! PLEASE help me :)))

A friend…

Sometimes i wish i can talk to someone who is there for me and will understand what im going through becuz i REALLLY need to talk to someone :/ I wish i can just let it out and not keep it in soo much. I need someone to talk to!


Went to Monterey today and i love it! I love going to the beach and putting your feet in the sand :) Got to see where my mommy and daddy got married its so cute that they have been married for 15 years and we got to go back and see it! I wish people have that love and make it last forever, growing old together and just being with them. Doesnt everybody want that?

Spring Break Part 2,

So these last couple days have been going pretty good :) Hanging out with the bestie meet some new people and had an adventure! Never knew it was going to be like that. But it was all worth it! What i do for “people”. Haha. I hella love lulu cuz like she made my day on friday and hanging out with them was hella fun. Went to see Last Song and it was good never knew it was going to be like but it makes wonder about “love”. Meet david and he was the best made that day even better :) So today is pretty boring i know its Easter but like i dont want to be anywhere but my bed :/ Wants to go shopping but idk what i want. So undecided! Well i am off this thing. Peace :]

P.S. I miss MY nana :|

Spring Break,

Day 2 of spring break and it is not going to well because i am HELLA sick i cant do anything. Staying home sucks i could be doing things BUT no my throat hurts and if i have strep then i HAVE to stay home -__-  Why does this have to happen? Ugh fml. BUT i should be glad that i wont be sick for prom :/ Lets just hope these next couple days will be good :)

P.S. I miss Jessica a lot! :/

Having fun….

I realize today that i need to have fun in my life because i am feeling like a “bore” like kourtney and khole say “Dont be a bore be a whore!” Haha. Like i need to meet new friends and go to parties and not be a bitch towards people. Cuz in a couple months imma be a senior and i want to have fun and life my life to the fullest cuz when you get older that is ALL going to change! Might as well have fun right? Even though these last couple of months i have had a lot of trust issues but i need to go out there and have fun and meet new people. So starting today i am going to do that and actually live my life. That is going to be my goal and i am going to stick with it. :)

P.S. Thanks jess for helping realize that :]

Little League..

So little league has OFFICALLY started and you know i like it when comes BUT i glad when it is over. I call it a love hate relationship. Haha. But over the over years i have learned alot from them. The past two days have been so crazy but i LOVE every mintue of it because its all for the kids :D I have met ALOT of people and they are the are the best i know they would do anything for me and i would do the same. I can call them my second family(: AND i would not want to change that, today was super crazy but i had a good time and ALOT of laughs. Well i am hella tired and i need some sleep. Goodnight people<3

P.S. My hair smells like Bbq! GROSS -_-


I hate the fact that somehow EVERY car we get it is not working and now that we are down to one EVERYTHING has to change and like i cant do this and my parents attitude TOTALLY change like seriously i feel bad and i wish i can something but i have just keep y mouth shut and just say “okay well what do you want me to do?” My mom acts like a totally DIFFERENT person wanting me to find rides now! Wtf? And now everything depends on one car. Wow seriously why do cars that we get have to be SOOO complicated! I wish just someone can buy us a new car! BUT thats never going to happen so i just got to roll with the punches /:


So yesterday was a good day we went to try on prom dresses and i found one that i like but its HELLA expensive so i dont know yet. But when we were coming home my mom,me and my aunt had a reallly DEEP conversation on how my grandma doesnt take the effort to be with us and she is ALWAYS with aunts kids and it hurts my mom becuz she thinks its her fault but i dont think so. Even though we are older that doesnt mean she cant come around. And it bothers me that nana tells me oh “my grandma” got me this and she doesnt even come around or call or texts us how we are doing. I will ALWAYS love her but she needs to know that we are her grandchildren to and she needs to make time for us not just for the little ones.Now i think everything is good(: Went to megans birthday party and it was okay BUT i was hella tired so i went home. Haha.


Lo and lauren has been through alot and i feel like me and jess have been through the same they had there up and downs and so have we. When i use to watch laguna beach lo was the VERY opinionated one and i think i am too. Hahaha.I always adored their friendship and they were friends before cameras came into their life and look at them now they are STILL besties and i feel me and jess are going to be the same way:) They are rommies and me jess are going to be too. Right jess? We are GOING to have pets too. P.S. If you are reading this i love you very much i am GLAD that you are in my life you made a better person and made me enjoy the life i had and have FUN!